Peace of Mind

When you allow an attorney from BMZ to represent you, we will take responsibility for your case. You can then focus on recovering your health and lifestyle.

Insurance Adjustors

As nice as they will often be on the telephone, the opposing insurance adjustor is not your friend. They will be very friendly while trying to reduce your recovery. Protect your claim and your future by getting input from a professional at BMZ.

Better Recovery

A Personal Injury Attorney from BMZ knows what your case is worth. Don’t settle for how an insurance company values your pain — get what you deserve.


The State of Pennsylvania puts a limit on the time you have to file a claim to recover from the at-fault party. Contact BMZ as soon as you can after an injury to be sure your claim is made.


Another word for Attorney is Advocate. A personal injury attorney from BMZ knows what to do when you are injured, and will go to bat on your behalf. A Personal Injury Attorney is familiar with the Court processes, and can explain each aspect of the recovery process to you and reduce your burden in paperwork and time.

Someone to Talk To

Traffic accidents, medical negligence, slip-and-fall injuries, dog attacks and the like are frightening experiences. You may be left with feelings of powerlessness, fear, or even undefined stress. Discussing what to do with your BMZ attorney can give you back some power and may help to relieve these feelings. If not, your BMZ advocate can help you find groups and/or specialists to help you with your problems.


If you have high doctor bills or are unable to get back to work following an accident, creditors may need to be temporarily put on hold. Your BMZ attorney can help you make these arrangements so you can focus on getting better.


Sometimes it is difficult to get the opposing insurance company (or even your own) to call you back. Your BMZ attorney can get the responses needed to move your case forward to resolution.


Our firm has successfully handled simple and complex injury cases, ranging from rear-end auto accidents, to injuries resulting from defective products.

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